Richard Ballard

Home Town: St. Albans, Herts

Current Target Venues: Bayeswater Syndicate and a 60 acre reservoir

English PB: 54 lb 12 oz

Foreign PB: 55 lb 2 oz

Favourite Nashbait: Scopex Squid

Favourite Rig: D-Cam Leader with a Weed Safety Bolt Bead, to 10 inches of Armourlink and a Fang Twister blow back style. Plenty of Cling-On Putty to nail it all down!


About Richard

I’ve been fishing for 16 years and am just as happy stalking barbel or chub in a small shallow river as I am hunting carp in a wild pit. That childhood magic is what keeps me fishing – the excitement of exploring a venue and hunting for my quarry.

These days I spend a great deal of my fishing time at my Dad’s house in Spain, which is conveniently situated on the lower Ebro river. I love the ‘wild west’ and unexplored feeling that the Ebro has about it, and the fishing is phenomenal at times with specimen roach, bass, zander, carp and catfish on offer.


Richard's Favourite Products