Paul Garner

Current Target Venues: Rivers Dove, Trent, Severn, Wye, Frome, Thames, Derwent and Ouse. Stillwaters in Norfolk, Cambridgeshire, Kent, Essex, Somerset, Berkshire, Surrey and Oxfordshire.

English PB: Roach 3.08, Bream 16.06, Perch 4.02, Barbel 16.08, Chub 7.03, Tench 9.12, Crucian Carp 4.1.8, Rudd 3.08, Carp 54.08, Pike 37.05, Grayling 2.13, Silver Bream 1.14, Catfish (Europe) 144 lb, Zander 19.02, Grass Carp 36.05.

Foreign PB: 36 lb Common, Patuxent River, USA


About Paul

Originally from London, but now living in the West Midlands, I fish for everything as long as it is big! Each season I aim to break at least 3 personal bests, and this has increasingly seen me travel to venues all over the UK in search of bigger fish.

I take my fishing extremely seriously and Nash tackle and bait fits this philosophy perfectly, it is simply the best, and allows me to fish as hard as I need to achieve my next target.

I work as a freelance Angling Writer, Consultant and Photographer and have spent my whole life around water in one form or another, gaining a Doctorate in fish behavioural ecology along the way, Since then I have worked in the fishing tackle industry for nearly 15 years.


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