Oli Davies

Home Town Location:: London

Date Started Carp Fishing:: 1991

Current Target Venues: Horton Complex

English PB:: 49 lb 8 oz

Foreign PB: 30 lb plus (Unweighed)

Favourite Nashbait:: Scopex

Favourite Rig: Simple long hair bottom bait rig tied with a large Twister (6 or 4) and Combilink and an inline lead


About Oli

I love fishing and I love photography, so working as photographer and videographer at Nash I get to indulge both my passions in life.

I don’t actually get a great deal of time to fish, so my own angling is made up mainly of short sessions. This suits me as I am not one to sit behind rods in one swim for days on end. I much prefer to search out a quick bite and during the warmer months you’ll find me stalking at close range, floater fishing or simply walking the lake looking for an opportunity.

There is no greater buzz than watching a fish pick up your hook bait at close range, so I tend to target my angling to venues where it is possible to get up close and personal with my quarry. I rarely weigh what I catch either, to me it is far more important how a fish looks than its size, and I am just as happy catching a scaly double as a fat 30-pounder!

Out on the bank there is always something interesting to photograph and I never travel anywhere without my camera. Photographs are a great source of inspiration and I take great pride in producing high quality images that make you want to go fishing, that show the beauty of the carp that we fish for, that capture the essence of angling…

Oli's Favourite Products