Mike Wilson

Home Town: Hockley

Started Carp Fishing: 2008

Current Target Venues: Essex Club Water

English PB: 38 lb 2 oz

Foreign PB: N/A

Favourite Nashbait: Scopex Squid


About Mike

I first started fishing when I was about 10 years old catching silver fish from local day ticket lakes with my Dad. I was happy for a year or so just catching roach, rudd and the odd perch until one day my float disappeared and I was attached to something a lot bigger. After an epic battle I landed my first carp which was a 5 lb common and since that day I have been absolutely hooked on carp fishing.

My angling skills had a real boost when I landed a job at a local tackle shop in Rayleigh, Essex when I was 15. At first just working as the Saturday boy I then progressed onto more of a part time role working days in the week inbetween college. Working in the shop allowed me to pick anglers’ brains and gain a lot more knowledge which made me even keener.

A dream really did become reality back in August 2012 when I was offered a Job at Nash Tackle as a Design/Development Engineer which sees me working day to day with the likes of Alan Blair and Kevin himself to bring you guys the best products we can. In the two years I have been here I have learnt so much about not just product design and manufacture but also angling. Nash Tackle is a simply amazing collection of carp angling brains. I hope to just keep on learning and improving, both at my job and in my own fishing. Working for Nash you never get short of ideas or enthusiasm.

I get out fishing two nights a week inbetween work, so my time is limited. For the 2014/15 season I decided that I didn’t want to join a lake and was just going to target various day tickets with some stunning carp.

I am sure I will see many of you at shows or on the bank, if that’s the case then come and say Hi and have a chat! It’s always great to meet the end users of the kit that started life in our office as a scribble, then a CAD design, then as one of many samples and then finally complete with packaging and on the shelf in shops around the world.


Mike's Favourite Products