Kevin Nash

Home Town: Rayleigh

Date Started Carp Fishing: 1967

Current Target Venues: A big wild pit with unknown potential

English PB: 59 lb 12 oz

Favourite Nashbait: Scopex Squid

Favourite Rig: Combi Blow Out Rig


About Kevin

Kevin Nash caught his first carp when he was barely in his teens in the 1960s. At this time little was known about carp, and there were only a handful of specialist carp anglers.

Since then, Kevin has been a pioneer in the carp fishing scene, responsible for the invention and development of much of the tackle, rigs and bait we take for granted today.

From rod holdalls that carried made up rods in the earliest days of carp angling to oval brollies and the legendary Titan, to his recent blockbuster Scope and Dwarf rods that feature patented retractable butt sections Kevin is acknowledged as one of angling’s greatest innovators.

An avid and passionate carp angler for over 40 years, Kevin is most at home seeking out unpressured carp in challenging waters. He broke the Essex record in 1985, with the county’s first forty pounder, and he currently holds the UK record for the largest brace; a mirror and a common both over 50 lb caught in just 15 minutes on the surface using the deadly Riser Pellet.



Kevin's Favourite Products