Julian Cundiff

Home Town: South Yorkshire

Date Started Carp Fishing: 1984

Current Target Venues: Selby Syndicate – Jurassic Park – Birch and Strawfields and Church Lake if that nice Mr Nash lets me have another trip……..

English PB: 49 lb 6 oz

Foreign PB: Never fished abroad

Favourite Nashbait: Amber Strawberry

All Time Favourite Rig: Diffusion Leader Lead Clip Big Ring Swivel Nash Fang X or Fang Twister

About Julian

Not a full time angler by any stretch of the imagination but I have a full time commitment to catching carp and helping others catch carp. I am a Legal Adviser by day and have been since 1980 when I joined the courts.

I have fished all round the country but a good amount of my time is fishing after work and then going to work from the lake. Try doing that for over 25 years summer and winter alike when you are 51!

Not only do I catch them but having written six books and hundreds (if not thousands) of articles I do my best to help others catch them and enjoy the process.

Inducted into the Carp Talk Carp Fishing Hall Of Fame in 2010 alongside Kevin Nash, Simon Crow, Steve Briggs and others that and catching ‘Decade’ at the Church Lake with Kevin Nash are just some of my many proud moments. In fact it was way back in 1989 when Kevin Nash first contacted me about support from Nash Tackle… 25 years ago!

Julian's Favourite Products