Gary Bayes

Home Town: Rayleigh

English PB: 61 lb 2 oz (Two Tone)

Foreign PB: 42 lb

Favourite Nashbait product: Shellfish Sense Appeal

Favourite Rig: Latest Fang Twister, long hair, long hook link with a variety of hook link materials, usually Combilink totally stripped back.


About Gary

I was bought up in Lincolnshire, fishing for any species available from the age of four, fishing on the Witham, Trent, Fosse Dyke and several ponds, lakes and gravel pits in the local area.

I’ve always been interested in bait and was always trying to find the best bait for everything I fished for, whether that was chub, roach or bream. Smell and taste and other ways of improving attraction definitely catches more fish, and my bait experimenting started with using just the crust to make better bread paste for chub, nipping the tail of a worm to let the juices out, popping every maggot on the hook for roach and crucians, overcooking and mashing seeds into bream ground baits, all caught me more than my fair share of fish in my early years and I still use these little tricks now.

My early carp years were around the Lincoln area where 20 -pounders were very rare, I actually caught two in a day one time more years ago than I want to admit.
Now I live in Essex I’ve let 30-pounders go without weighing them and a 40-pounder go without a picture. My fishing has moved on and I prefer peace and quiet now with a big lump of water in front of me.

Bait wise, it’s my love, my job and my passion and the best reward is other anglers catching lots of fish on the baits I create for Nashbait. My lakes are also a big part of my passion for fishing and every personal best caught there is as important to me as it is to the angler that caught it, sometimes more so I think.

Gary's Favourite Products