Dan Yeomans

Hometown: Cambridge

Started carp fishing: 2002

UK Personal Best: 33 lb 12 oz

All time favourite Nashbait: The Key

Favourite rig: Blowback rig with a hook kicker, Fang X hook and 25lb Combilink

Current target waters: An Essex club water and a couple of small old gravel pits in Cambridgeshire

Red Bull or Monster: Depends on how far I have to drive

About Dan

None of my family are anglers and to this day I still don’t think they quite understand it! I remember seeing people fishing a small village pond (puddle) when I was young and decided to give it a go, fishing after school and on weekends. I’m not sure what it was about it but I just loved the sport and even after my school friends got bored and gave it up, it didn’t dent my enthusiasm for catching those small Crucians, Tench and Rudd in this tiny village pond.

These days I only fish for Carp really, with the odd dabble for other species here and there. I stopped fishing for a period of time due to university and then a job abroad, but the last 2-3 years since being back I have really got back into it again.

My carp fishing is heavily dependant on overnight sessions during the week, and the odd weekend when I don’t have much on. These overnighters are usually on club waters local to work, for convenience more than anything else! I really like to target low stocked quiet waters - something that gives me a challenge as well as a bit of peace and quiet! Angling for old, dark, rarely caught carp really is a bit of me!

I have been with Nash since July 2015 as a Videographer and Photographer. Day to day I am shooting and editing videos mainly, with the odd bit of photography when it’s needed. This is my other passion in life so I am extremely fortunate to have a career doing what I do. There are times when I deem a blank as a successful trip if I know I have got a few cracking shots for my troubles!


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