Carl Smith

Hometown: Haywards Heath

Date started fishing: Spring 2005

Personal bests: Carp: 41lb 8oz Bream: 8lb Barbel: 13lb 8oz Roach: 2lb Perch: 3lb 4oz Tench: 7lb 4oz Catfish: 48lb Chub: 6lb 1oz Dace: 10oz Pike: 19lb 8oz Gudgeon: 3oz

Favourite Nashbait: Medium Pellet Mix

Favourite rig: Freelining with NXT Zig Flo and a Gaper hook


About Carl

I started fishing roughly a year before my brother Alex, so felt it necessary to teach my brother all I knew (which was very little!) We both loved our short trips to a local pond after school and found it fascinating, when finally after hours of trying, a small roach would gently tug our float under and supply us with a story to tell our parents over dinner.

Years later, our parents still have not heard the end of our fishing adventures, whether it be about the session where we woke up in a flooded bivvy, or how Alex finally managed to land a double figure barbel from the Wye. I love sharing our stories and documenting them in the form of YouTube videos, as the moving image has been a fascination of mine since the age of 8 or 9. Because of my love of fishing and filmmaking I have somehow ended up working full time at Nash as part of the video production team.

You will notice that I have listed my PBs for gudgeon, roach and dace; this is because I enjoy fishing for even the smallest of fish. If the chub and barbel are not feeding, I will happily quivertip maggots for minnows, dace and gudgeon!

Carl's Favourite Products