Alan Blair

What age did you start fishing: 10

UK PB: 52 lb 12 oz mirror, 38 lb common, Perch 3.12, Chub 7.14, Pike 21 lb, Bream 9.15, Tench 8.2, Rudd 1.15, Roach 2.15 oz, Grayling 2.14

French PB: 59 lb 10 oz


About Alan

A lifelong angler Alan learned his skills on the canals and rivers of Buckinghamshire near his Milton Keynes home, progressing to carp with the rise of commercial fisheries before targeting big carp deliberately as a teenager.

Formerly a fisheries lecturer at Shuttleworth College, Alan has risen to Operations Director at Nash Tackle in just five years. Juggling a workload that would cripple most he still finds time to constantly add to a list of personal bests that is the envy of almost everyone, and is as likely to be found trotting for winter roach with a centrepin on a chalk stream as feeding floaters for summer carp. A great exponent of freelining, natural baits, stalking and surface fishing his non stop energy is his great strength as an angler.

Alan’s innovative Urban Banx series on the Nash website has developed a cult following, seeing him travel all over the UK and even into Europe to catch carp in some truly unique locations.

Kevin Nash himself maintains that were Alan to seriously target the species 'he would be the UK's most successful carp angler'.

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