TG Active Hard Ons

Toughened TG Active hookbaits to overcome nuisance species or for leaving hookbaits in position with confidence.

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Toughened with a high attract gelling process

Durable long life hookbaits with the same attractor profile but toughened using a high attract gelling process. Essential for waters with nuisance small fish, crayfish or where crafty carp inspect a hookbait for long periods! Available in 10mm and 15mm (60 gram tubs) and 20mm (100 gram).

Available Options

Name TCode
TG Active Hard Ons 12mm (100g) B2089
TG Active Hard Ons 15mm (125g)) B2091
TG Active Hard Ons 20mm (125g) B2092

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Discontinued - 30/07/2018

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