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Using no synthetic flavours or additives, TG Active is a blockbuster that comes from a different angle to traditional carp bait.

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Includes over 40 spices and a dozen essential oils...

Steadily refined and adjusted over six years through Gary Bayes’ interest in natural ingredients rich in vitamins, minerals and trace elements the attractor package in TG Active uses over 40 spices and a dozen essential oils, with pureed, pre-blended elements that are time aged for up to two months before being ready to use in order to achieve the most intense feeding response.


Brutal field testing

Field testing has been brutal and exhaustive, the complexity of the bait and the working levels of the attractor package adjusted by as little as 1/8 of a drop per egg to arrive at the deadly bait that is now launched as TG Active.

A spiced big fish bait with an instant appeal and amazing nutritional profile TG Active has proven itself an unstoppable all season addition to the Nashbait range. It’s the choice of the carper who takes his own direction.


Exclusive Nashbait spice blend

Rich in marine derived ingredients for a better nutritional profile than blending commonly used fishmeals TG Active combines highest quality krill, squid meal and soluble fish proteins in a digestible year round food source. This remarkable bait has proven to be an exceptional catcher in fact it is irresistible to any carp that swims.

The secret of TG Active lies in the exclusive Nashbait spice blend, combined with active high grade yeasts, taste enhancers and over a dozen essential oils including garlic for unbeatable performance summer or winter. How effective is it? Gary Bayes rates the blend of amazing aromatic attractors in TG Active as highly as the world famous Scopex No. 1!

Offering total flexibility whatever the demands of your venue, TG Active Boilies are available in both frozen and shelf-life in 10, 15 and 20mm in 1kg as well as bulk 5kg bags perfect for baiting campaigns.

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Name TCode
TG Active Boilies 12mm (Frozen) 1kg B9119
TG Active Boilies 15mm (Frozen) 1kg B9121
TG Active Boilies 20mm (Frozen) 1kg B9122
TG Active Boilies 12mm (Frozen) 5kg B9125
TG Active Boilies 15mm (Frozen) 5kg B9126
TG Active Boilies 20mm (Frozen) 5kg B9127

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Discontinued - 30/07/2018

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