Slicker Spiced Hemp Oil

Dedicated booster syrups designed to complement the particle range, these PVA friendly blends are amongst the most versatile liquids we have ever produced.

TCode: B0901

Hot hemp oil with blended chilli and piri piri oils

Premium grade hemp oil enhanced with Nashbait’s spice complex including blended Chilli and Piri Piri oils. PVA friendly, use as a pellet splash, particle booster, in spod mixes and groundbaits. No limit to inclusion.

Brilliant when mixed with any of the Nashbait particles to enhance short term attraction, cloud water and encourage a faster feeding response – but equally deadly on floaters, as PVA bag dips, squirted into Method mixes and groundbaits or to surface coat boilies.

Supplied in 500ml bottles.

Want to make PVA friendly particles for wicked cobweb and solid bag presentations?

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