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The iconic Nash Slap Head indicators are back. Slicker, smarter, and more sensitive than ever.

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Get your butt slapped

In Old Skool white or cult black the PTFE Slap Head offers the simplest and most reliable line connection yet, using an enclosed ball bearing, magnet and spring mechanism that clicks the mainline securely into the gate of the head but disengages the instant a rod is picked up.

Available from 6 to 40 grams to cover every tactical approach and any conditions from slack lining to extreme range work. As the size and weight of the Slap Head increases the unique line retention system strengthens correspondingly to prevent premature line release when using larger drag weights or on violent takes.

Slap Heads have a durable brass female thread in the base and can be used with the smart black anodised stainless Linx chains or as swing arm indicators by attaching them to the dedicated black stainless Strong Arms. Additional isotopes in five wicked colours, drag weights and options for attachment make Slap Heads as versatile, interchangeable and easy to use as they are stylish.

The Slap Head system offers cutting edge indication in the most practical format yet. No external fittings, clips or features to break or shatter when moving swims, no adjustment required, just instant, ever ready indication. Prepare to have your butt slapped.

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Available Options

Name TCode
Slap Head White 6 grams T4980
Slap Head Black 6 grams T4981
Slap Head White 10 grams T4982
Slap Head Black 10 grams T4983
Slap Head White 20 grams T4984
Slap Head Black 20 grams T4985
Slap Head White 40 grams T4986
Slap Head Black 40 grams T4987

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