The most advanced coated hooklink yet – fast sinking, easily stripped and with a super abrasion resistant braided Kevlar core.

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Gravel, Weed or Silt matt camouflage finishes

Available with a stiff or semi-stiff coating for ultimate tuning of modern presentations. 10 metres per spool. Available in 15, 20, 25 and 35lb in non reflective Gravel, Weed or Silt matt camouflage finishes.

Available Options

Name TCode
SkinLink Stiff 15lb Gravel T2842
SkinLink Stiff 20lb Gravel T2843
SkinLink Stiff 25lb Gravel T2844
SkinLink Stiff 35lb Gravel T2845
SkinLink Stiff 15lb Silt T2846
SkinLink Stiff 20lb Silt T2847
SkinLink Stiff 25lb Silt T2848
SkinLink Stiff 35lb Silt T2849

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