Scope Landing Net

The ultimate net to complement the class of the Scope range.

TCode: T1925

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Scope Landing Net

Featuring a telescopic, easy locking pole the Scope Net retracts to a tiny 44 inches (110cm) the same as the 9ft Scope rods, but extends to a useful 6ft 10 inches (207cm) for easy netting of carp even in difficult swims. Slipping easily into the dedicated Scope 2 Rod Skins the Scope Net is a must have for the focused, mobile carper.

Key Features:

  • High strength carbon twist lock pole
  • Japanese shrink grips
  • Distinctive Scope carbon weave and cosmetics
  • Micro engineered black stainless spreader block
  • 44 inch (110cm) arms for the biggest carp
  • Camouflage effect free flow green mesh
  • Velcro securing strap for compact storage

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Discontinued - 02/08/2018

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