Nash Bobbin Glow Pipe Adaptor

Customise almost any alarm with the wicked regenerating glow of Glow Pipes.

TCode: T5014

Upgrade your alarms to accept Optics Light Pipes

Customise alarms which feature a 2.5mm jack plug output, to upgrade to our pulsing Glow Pipe light for the very best in illumination. Plug in the 2.5mm jack plug and fit 12 or 20cm Glow Pipes for a pulsing white glow at your Nash Bobbin Head.

  • Enhance almost any alarms with the regenerating light of Glow Pipes
  • 2.5mm jack plug socket required
  • Universal quick fit collar to fit most alarm types
  • Glow Pipes and Nash Bobbin Heads sold separately


NOTE: Glow Pipe Adaptors will not replicate LED colours of third party alarms.

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Discontinued - 19/02/2019

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