Nash Bobbin Drag Weights

Instantly adjust the weight of your Bobbin system to suit changing conditions and maintain the most effective indication possible.

TCode: T5021

Fine tune your indication

An essential accessory to combat increasing wind, strong undertow or help improve registration of drop back bites when fishing at longer range or against far margins and islands. Fitting both sizes of Nash Bobbin Heads these screw in marine grade stainless drag weights are finished in black to complement Nash Bobbin styling.

  • 2 x 5 gram weights per pack
  • Fits sboth sizes of Nash Bobbin Heads
  • Smart, durable black coated marine grade stainless

Product Information

Tech Spec

Fitting Drag Weights to Glow Pipes

1. Temporarily remove the moulded diffuser from the end of the Glow Pipe.
2. Loosen the two sections of threaded collar at the same end of the Glow Pipe by unscrewing two complete turns.
3. Push the collar down the Glow Pipe by 7mm to make room for the drag weight and retighten to lock it into position.
4. To add several drag weights slide the collars further along the Glow Pipe to create the additional space required. To fit two Drag Weights slide the collar 14mm, for three drag weights 21mm.
5. Slide the drag weight on and screw into the threaded collar.
6. Replace the moulded diffuser at the end of the Glow Pipe. Your Nash Bobbin Head can now be slid on and screwed to the Drag Weight.


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