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Discontinued - 30/07/2018

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Nashbait have discontinued more world class baits than any other manufacturer has developed. Now thanks to our new manufacturing facility, these classic recipes are available again from select retailers. Every single one is somebody’s favourite!

Amber Chocolate

Nashbait’s Amber Attractor birdfood mix is exceptional on lakes where boilies being tainted by weed and silt is an issue, used by Kevin himself at Snake Pit to hook at the time the lake’s only two residents - both the big commons in a couple of weeks. Amber Chocolate uses White Chocolate Oil and Chocolate Malt for a marriage made in heaven. A legendary cold water campaign bait, chosen by Terry Hearn for the notorious Sutton-at-Hone.

Ingredient Profile: Amber Attractor/S Mix All Season, Chocolate Malt, White Chocolate Oil, 2 Sweeteners.

Amber Strawberry

The white wonder, made famous after the incredible success enjoyed by Jim Shelley. An all year catcher, and excellent winter campaign bait. Uses both oil and ethyl alcohol strawberry flavours for a timeline of attraction and resists silt and weed odours that cripple the attraction of other mixes.

Ingredient Profile: Amber Attractor/S Mix All Season, Big Strawberry (EA), Strawberry Oil Palatant, Scopex No.1, Liquid Liver.

Tangee Squid

Developed by Kevin Nash for Warmwell, Tangee Squid produced more carp for him in one season than all the other anglers put together. Gary Bayes bagged 8 Essex Manor 20s in a day on his first trip after baiting with Tangee Squid. A simple but amazing bait, the list of Tangee fans is long and distinguished!

Ingredient Profile: S Mix Squid, Tangerine Oil Palatant, sweetener.

Tangee Peach

Well known Essex Carper Dave Jordison can be thanked for this combination, after requesting a unique squid mix bait. The blend of Peach and Tangerine Oil Palatants on the All Season mix smashed waters everywhere in the UK and abroad. Tangee Peach has been proven to have a great track record for the big fish as well.

Ingredient Profile: S Mix All Season, Tangerine Oil Palatant, Peach Oil Palatant, sweetener.

Monster Squid

Nashbait’s flavour chemist developed a formula of over 35 fruit esters to create the exclusive Banana Oil Palatant. Used in a 50/50 mix of S Mix and Monster Pursuit it became Monster Squid, a brilliant long term bait, lasting season after season due to the complexity of its label.

Ingredient Profile: S Mix/Monster Pursuit, Scopex No. 1, Red Liver Oil, Banana Oil Palatant.

Monster Squid Purple

Specials using purple dye had always been a proven edge, outfishing all other colours. With no other purple baits on the market Monster Squid Purple was released as a limited edition special with the Robin Red removed. The resulting bait was tighter textured with the Banana Oil coming through more than in the original recipe, and better out of a throwing stick. It was a huge hit both in the UK and Europe.

Ingredient Profile: S Mix/Monster Pursuit, Scopex No. 1, Red Liver Oil, Banana Oil Palatant.

Monster Pursuit

One of the original Nashbait giants from the early 90s, and without doubt the most famous Robin Red fishmeal in the world. It was Monster Pursuit that helped talented teenagers Terry Hearn and Nigel Sharp to fame, catching all of the Yateley big fish between them, many more than once!

Ingredient Profile: Monster Pursuit, Shellfish Sense Appeal, Crustacean Extract, Seafood flavour, green lipped mussel.


Nobody actually knows how a bottle of whisky extract landed on Kevin’s desk. It fascinated him, and was often picked up, sniffed and put down. It smelled of whisky but there was more to it. A friend of Kevin’s asked for it in the squid mix – Kevin had literally missed what was under his nose. Whisky made headlines instantly, made famous by prolific writer Shaun Harrison. On Horseshoe if you weren’t on Whisky Squid it wasn’t worth casting out!

Ingredient Profile: Milk protein enhanced S Mix Squid, Whisky Extract, Cream Extract, Liquid Liver, sweetener.

4G Squid

A squid variant that combined low level Robin Red, tiger nut meal and the 4G Squid Salt Dust compound, a unique taste enhancing Rock Salt. Using the same famous liquid attractor package as Scopex Squid, 4G Squid instantly won fans and emptied venues all over the UK and Europe.

Ingredient Profile: S Mix Squid, Scopex No. 1, Red Liver Oil, sweetener.

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Discontinued - 30/07/2018


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