Mixed Candy Tigers

The highest quality prepared particles ever made available, using decades of carp bait expertise to enhance and improve the very best carp catching blends. Nashbait Particles use only exceptional raw ingredients, all individually sourced for quality and consistency.

Freshness assured, using only premium grades of seeds, beans and nuts. Packed full of natural goodness – carp can taste the difference.

TCode: B6704

Finest grade Spanish Tigers in rich syrup

Three sizes of finest grade Spanish tiger nuts cooked in their own rich syrup with added Talin based nectar essences to complement their natural sweetness. Nashbait only source from growers who produce tigers with a taste that sets them apart from lower grade nuts.

A deadly loose feed and spod mix additive, the variation in sizes offers multiple presentation options for pressured carp.

A tip from top Nashbait testers is to soak Mixed Candy Tigers long term in Tangleberry from the Ace Cards range for a super sweet boosted hookbait option.

Nashbait Particles are prepared using an exclusive preservative free process for the highest quality particle. No chemical additives, just absolute freshness. The carp can taste the difference and your results will prove that.

Supplied in sealed high strength 2.5kg bags that guarantee freshness but are easily stored and also disposed of Nashbait Particles offer the dedicated carper the very best in taste, smell, performance and also practicality.

For best results treat all Nashbait Particles as fresh produce. Once open cover with water and use within 3 days, or store in the freezer between sessions.

Want to make PVA friendly particles for wicked cobweb and solid bag presentations?

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