Mega Pellet Mix

The Mega Pellet Mix prevents preoccupation and offers hookbait options too!

Using feeds carefully sourced from the Aquaculture industry and extensively tested for their nutritional benefit, breakdown characteristics, vitamin and mineral content and attractor profiles Nashbait have refined pellet blends into three mixes that cover every tactical application, from bag and stick fillings to spod mixes and carpet feeds.  

TCode: B6672

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Purpose designed 'big bite' spod mix

Boosted with Spirulina and blood meal

Purpose designed as a spod mix, or as a key constituent in spod mixes the Mega Pellet Mix uses the same principle as the awesome Mega Mix particles, combining larger food items to offer multiple hookbait options and to prevent carp becoming preoccupied on carpets of tiny feeds that are impossible to present on a rig and catch them on.

The Mega Pellet Mix blends six varieties of larger halibut, betaine and breakdown pellets including 10 and 16mm halibuts that can be drilled and hair rigged or banded. Great for baiting by hand, with the Deliverance spoon range, or from boats as well as through a spod.

Formulated not just to catch carp as effectively as possible, but also to offer a balanced, nutritional feed that encourages growth and optimum health, Nashbait Pellet mixes are an unbeatable choice for both anglers and fisheries alike.

Supplied in 1 kg bags.

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