Long Ranger

When every yard counts the Long Ranger is the ultimate aerodynamic bomb for extreme range, accurate casting.

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Go the distance

Carefully developed with input from Nash casting ace Terry Edmonds for streamlined, extreme range flight the Long Ranger uses computer aided design to ensure its weight is distributed perfectly for optimum casting performance and complete stability that gains vital extra distance.

With enough weight concentrated to pull hooks home securely the Long Ranger doesn’t just go the distance, it outperforms other bombs when it gets there, giving you casting performance without compromising rig efficiency.

Key Features:

  • Streamlined design for long casting
  • Stable in flight for maximum distance
  • Strong rolling swivel
  • Two styles of textured camouflage coating
  • Available in 2 – 4.5 oz

Available Options

Name TCode
2 oz Weed/silt T2220
2.5 oz Weed/silt T2221
3 oz Weed/silt T2222
3.5 oz Weed/silt T2223
4 oz Weed/silt T2224
4.5 oz Weed/silt T2225
2 oz Gravel/clay T2310
2.5 oz Gravel/clay T2311
3 oz Gravel/clay T2312
3.5 oz Gravel/clay T2313
4 oz Gravel/clay T2314
4.5 oz Gravel/clay T2315

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