Instant Action Session Pack

Boilies, pop ups, pellet and dip - it's the grab and go solution for today’s busy fisheries.

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Now available in new Candy Nut Crush flavour!

Instant Action Session Packs offer multiple bait options in one bag - for presentation versatility whatever swim or conditions you are faced with.

Containing two sizes of boilies, dedicated high attract pellets, two sizes of matching Airball pop ups and a booster dip, Session Packs allow you to tailor your approach – from margin traps to PVA bags, snowman rigs or single high attract hookbaits. The answer’s in the bag!


  • 400gr 15mm boilies
  • 200gr 10mm boilies
  • 100ml Booster
  • 6 x 10mm, 4 x 15mm Airball Pop Ups
  • 550gr High Attract Pellet


Available Options

Name TCode
Instant Action Candy Nut Crush Session Pack B3587
Instant Action Pineapple Crush Session Pack B3584
Instant Action Tangerine Dream Session Pack B3581
Instant Action Coconut Creme Session Pack B3582
Instant Action Monster Crab Session Pack B3588
Instant Action Squid and Krill Session Pack B3589
Instant Action Strawberry Crush Session Pack B3595

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