Indulgence Big Daddy LS

The renowned comfort of a higher seating position with Big Daddy dimensions for even greater comfort.

TCode: T9721

Big Daddy dimensions for comfort

The popular higher seating position of the Daddy Long Legs chair with more generous Big Daddy dimensions - perfect for the larger angler or simply those who really appreciate their comfort.

  • Adjustable lumbar support, deep pile hollow fill cushioning and ultra firm base for correct body position and posture
  • Head/neck rest with hollow fill cushioning
  • Low level arm design improves comfort and allows rods to be held whilst seated
  • Supplied with luxury foam and peachskin arm cosies
  • High strength frame with enhanced rigidity
  • Micro hand wheel for back rake adjustment
  • Rear locking leg pin for stability
  • One touch adjustable legs with fold flat mud feet

Product Information





Folded length 63cm

Folded height 63cm

Height 40cm

Height with maximum leg adjustment 58cm

Weight 8.3kg

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