Indulgence Air Shield Underlay

Adding the optional one season Air Shield Underlay provides an extra dimension for both warm and cold weather.

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  • Hollow Fibre Insulation

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Upgrades or replaces mattress insulation for versatile comfort summer or winter

Primarily designed to provide climatic control on hot sticky summer nights. Remove the luxury insulated mattress to fit the underlay via the Velcro attachments on the air mesh base to provide a cooling comfortable night’s sleep.

Alternatively, fit underneath the mattress to significantly upgrade mattress insulation on the severest of cold nights.

  • Lightweight, 1 season insulation for added warmth when fitted underneath Air Frame, Air Bed and Scope Ops Bed mattresses
  • Can be used on its own in the warmer months instead of a deep pile insulated mattress for cooler sleep
  • Velcro attachment to secure to bed mesh base and mattress
  • Disrupted dark camouflage finish


Available Options

Name TCode
Air Shield Underlay SS3 and SS4 T9270
Air Shield Underlay SS3 and SS4 Wideboy T9271
Air Shield Underlay Emperor T9272

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T9270 Air Shield Underlay SS3 and SS4
Also fits: Air Bed 3, Air Bed 4 and Scope Ops Bed

T9271 Air Shield Underlay SS3 and SS4 Wide
Also fits: Air Bed 3 Wide and Air Bed 4 Wide

Other Discontinued