Indulgence Air Frame Sleep System

More compact, more versatile and more comfortable than ever, Indulgence Air Frame Sleep Systems are a single solution for all season comfort.

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  • Climate Control Baffles
  • Hollow Fibre Insulation

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All season luxurious comfort, and complete flexibility

An original Nash patented innovation the removable mattress and layered duvet system allows every Air Frame Sleep System to be tailored to individual temperature tolerance. It provides the most versatile session comfort ever.

The luxury deep pile insulated mattress quickly removes to allow cooling air flow through the mesh base to prevent discomfort on hot, muggy nights, and if you remove the duvet and fit the accessory Air Shroud you're assured a cool restful night’s sleep. Yet in seconds the Sleep System can be reconfigured to offer five season comfort for extreme winter conditions.

A reinforced light but strong lay flat frame supports the entire body for an unbeatable night’s sleep and the Air Frame Sleep System is both recommended for back pain sufferers and endorsed by physicians.

Large sleeping bags offer unbeatable comfort and freedom of movement, but larger volumes of cold air to be warmed by the body has always compromised winter performance leading to cold spots – until now.

The revolutionary Nash Core Temperature Control system uses enlarged baffles to trap warm air around the body for unrivalled heat retention within the core of the duvet, yet still allows the freedom of movement that ensures comfortable, deep sleep.
With a full range of accessories including luxury pillow, Air Shroud and Air Shield Underlay the Air Frame Sleep Systems are the biggest step forward yet in all season session comfort.

  • Strengthened oval cellular frame for correct body alignment and support
  • Lay flat frame with head section incline through leg adjustment
  • Mesh Base provides air flow on hot summer nights
  • Removable deep pile foam and hollow fibre insulated mattress
  • Climate control fleece lined twin layer 4/5+ season hollow fill duvet
  • Nash unique body baffles retain heat and dramatically accelerate warm up time
  • Bed skirts feature fast fit elasticated loops to attach the accessory Air Shroud and Pillow
  • Bottom layer of duvet features fast fit elasticated loops to attach the accessory Air Shroud
  • One touch adjustable legs with fold flat mud feet
  • Compression strap ensures level load base on Trax barrows

Available in: SS3 and SS4, SS3 and SS4 Wide Boy and Emperor

NOTE: Indulgence Air Frame Accessories (Air Shield Underlay, Air Shround and Pillow) are shown for illustrative purposes only.

Available Options

Name TCode
Indulgence Air Frame SS3 T9250
Indulgence Air Frame SS3 Wideboy T9251
Indulgence Air Frame SS4 T9255
Indulgence Air Frame SS4 Wideboy T9256
Indulgence Air Frame Emperor T9260

Product Information


Approximate weights and dimensions:

Air Frame SS3
198cm (l) x 79cm (w)
Weight: 15.4 kg
Leg length extension: 24 - 29cm

Air Frame SS3 Wideboy
198cm (l) x 94cm (w)
Weight: 17.8 kg
Leg length extension: 24 - 29cm

Air Frame SS4
198cm (l) x 79cm (w)
Weight: 17.2 kg
Leg length extension: 31 - 42cm

Air Frame SS4 Wideboy
198cm (l) x 94cm (w)
Weight: 19 kg
Leg length extension: 31 - 42cm

Air Frame Emperor
202cm (l) x 115cm (w)
Weight: 21 kg
Leg length extension: 31 - 42cm

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