Hardcore Mono

A serious carp line at an unbelievable price – it’s Hardcore.

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Seriously tough stuff

A superb new main line with exceptional quality at an affordable price, Hardcore builds on Nash Tackle’s reputation for reliable, tough and accurately rated main lines.

Performing beyond lines many times its price Hardcore is amazingly supple high knot strength mono that casts brilliantly – just ask our casting ace Terry Edmonds who achieved a measured 216 yards with the 0.28mm 10 lb Hardcore using an overhead cast!

Key Features:

  • Super supple, long casting line
  • High knot strength and excellent abrasion resistance
  • Controlled stretch to protect hook holds
  • 300 metre and 4 oz bulk spools
  • Unbeatable value

Available Options

Name TCode
10 lb Clear 300 metres T2534

Other Discontinued