Entity Duo Spod/Marker Rod

The only application rod you need for feature finding or casting heavily loaded spods. Entity Duo does both jobs, and better.

TCode: T2126

Does both jobs - and better!

Never afraid to question accepted thinking, Kevin Nash has long held the opinion that many ‘marker rods’ are too light and soft actioned to do the job properly.

Kevin feels a marker rod needs to be as stiff as possible to achieve response in the tip and feel through the blank in order to offer accurate insight into the nature of the lake bed in a swim.

With Kevin having always used his spod rod for this purpose and found it to offer massively improved feel and sensitivity, the logical product that followed is the fantastic Entity Duo – a spod and marker rod in one.

Key Features:

  • Fast action for accurate spod casting at range
  • Fast action exaggerates sensitivity through marker braid
  • Greater insight into subsurface features
  • Rugged high-modulus carbon construction
  • Rung for smooth distance casting even with shock leaders
  • Abbreviated grips

Rung for distance, powerful enough for heavily loaded spods and sensitive enough to transmit important differences in a swim through the braid of a marker set up, Entity Duo is as unique as it is impressive.


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