Citruz Wafters

Needle friendly controlled buoyancy hookbaits for slow sinking and balanced presentations.

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Perfect slow sinking hookbaits to offset the weight of the hook when tackling rig shy carp.

Using a carefully calculated ratio of Nashbait’s Airball mix blended with base mix and elevated liquid additives, Wafters offer presentation options that trip up pressured carp. Needle friendly, colour matched to the free offerings, when mounted on a hair Wafters sink more slowly than bottom baits out the bag, ensuring they act like safe free offerings, without the additional tell tale weight of a hook.

As the size of the Wafter hookbait increases, its relative buoyancy is also increased to offset the weight of the larger hook required.

Hook size guide:

12mm Wafters 8-10

15mm Wafters 6-8

18mm Wafters 5-7

20mm Wafters 4-6

Available Options

Name TCode
Citruz Wafters WHITE 12mm (75g) B2171
Citruz Wafters WHITE 15mm (100g) B2172
Citruz Wafters WHITE 18mm (100g) B2174
Citruz Wafters WHITE 20mm (100g) B2173
Citruz Wafters PINK 12mm (75g) B2176
Citruz Wafters PINK 15mm (100g) B2177
Citruz Wafters PINK 18mm (100g) B2179
Citruz Wafters PINK 20mm (100g) B2178

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