Cappuccino Boilies

One of the most complex Instant Action recipes, arrived at through testing pop up attractor blends - this one was too good not to put out, it's a bites machine!

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Like a fresh, creamy coffee!

Smells exactly as it suggests, like a mouth watering freshly made creamy coffee. Includes cream enhancers, pure high grade milk powders and a combination of two sweeteners for a rounded, rich taste. The bait born from a superb attractor blend stumbled upon during testing high power single bait recipes.

The 200 gram, 1 kilo and 2.5 kilo bags of Instant Action boilies all come with three free matching Airball pop ups.

Available Options

Name TCode
Cappuccino 10mm 200 gr (3 free pop ups) B3406
Cappuccino 15mm 200 gr (3 free pop ups) B3416
Cappuccino 10mm 1 kg (3 free pop ups) B3506
Cappuccino 15mm 1 kg (3 free pop ups) B3516
Cappuccino 20mm 1 kg (3 free pop ups) B3526
Cappuccino 15mm 2.5 kg (3 free pop ups) B3537
Cappuccino 20mm 2.5 kg (3 free pop ups) B3547
Cappuccino 15mm 5 kg B3556
Cappuccino 20mm 5 kg B3566

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