Air Bed Conversion Bags

Air Bed Conversion Bags make traditional sleeping bags obsolete - instantly upgrading Air Beds to a comfortable four season Sleep System.

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Lifting the bar on sleeping bag design

Traditional sleeping bags that fit to a bedchair have numerous downsides - the most irritating is sleeping bag twist. The bag moves around underneath you leading to an uncomfortable sleep. There is the unnecessary bulk and weight of the bottom layer, which is obsolete if you have a proper bedchair mattress, and causes the body to overheat and sweat on hot nights. Plus, few bed chairs have the frame space to allow a sleeping bag to be fitted and stored in the folded bed.

All these problems are solved with our revolutionary patented Air Bed Conversion Bags. The bottom layer sheet attaches with Velcro to the mesh base of your Air Bed. Then the insulated Air Bed mattress attaches the same way to the top face, providing secure fixing and the unbeatable comfort of our luxury deep foam Air Bed mattress without any of the annoying twist that you would experience with a traditional sleeping bag set up.

The top layer comprises of a zip on / off four season duvet featuring our unique body baffles to retain heat and dramatically accelerate warm up time. There are elastic loops to attach our optional accessory Indulgence Air Shroud.

On hot sticky summer nights you can utilise the climatic control by removing the Air Bed's mattress, sleeping on the sheet, or remove the duvet and use the optional Air Shroud attached via the fast fit elastic loops on the Air Bed Skirts for a cool mozzie free and comfortable night's sleep - keeping you dry and protected when fishing under the stars.

Air Bed Conversion Bags are available in standard and wide.

  • Bottom layer fixes to Indulgence Air Bed mesh base. Air Bed mattress attaches to the top side for total security and enhanced comfort throughout the seasons
  • Remove the mattress and attach the optional Indulgence Air Shroud via the Air Bed skirt for ultimate comfort on hot sticky nights
  • Zip on/off four season duvet featuring our unique body baffles to retain heat and dramatically accelerate warm up time
  • Duvet features fast fit elastic loops to attach the optional Indulgence Air Shroud for additional insulation in extreme temperatures

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Name TCode
Air Bed Conversion Bag T9220
Air Bed Conversion Bag Wide T9221

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