Wonders of the Weston World

Posted by Simon Crow
1262 days ago

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TOP Nash consultant Simon Crow mixes quality time with his other half with a big hit on the new Key Stabilised at RH Fisheries venue Weston Park.


One venue I’ve been looking forward to fishing all year is the amazing Weston Park in Shropshire. For over a year I had the prestigious Boathouse swim booked through RH Fisheries so I could spend a few days away with my girlfriend Lucy. This swim is simply amazing. You get three swims to fish from with this booking as well as the fully furbished Boathouse which is a listed building kitted out with a kitchen, bedroom, tv, shower and toilet.


I’d decided to fish from the right-hand boathouse which is a great interception point in the middle of the lake. I had six nights available to me and when I arrived there were a lot of fish in the shallows to my left. I knew they’d eventually come past me because the carp in Weston are known for being boilie munchers. I had a big supply of bait including various particles and a good quantity of Key Stabilised boilies.

The far margin is out of bounds to fishing so I baited tight to the marginal trees in that area. I spread the bait liberally along the treeline and then cast the rods as tight in as I could do. The cast was around 90 yards maximum which was done with ease with my new 12ft 3½lb Toro rods.


I planned to fish the evenings, nights and mornings only during my trip bringing the rods in during the middle part of the day in an attempt to rest the swim. The Boathouse area gets lots of pressure all year round with all three swims usually having three rods stretched across this area. The lack of lines would almost certainly work in my favour.
The first night went according to plan with a couple of fish coming my way. Both fell to 20mm Key Stabilised fished hard on the bottom and straight out of the bag on size 6 Fang X hooks. I was using stripped Combilink hooklinks to make my rigs supple, and then finishing the business end off with 3oz leads and lead clips. There was nothing fancy about my rigs at all.

It certainly seemed to be working for me, and the next day I backed up the two I already had in the bag with four more fish, topped by a cracking 30lb-plus mirror. I also had a 28½lb common as well as a couple of mid-twenties. The stamp of fish was fantastic and it was a great way to start the session.


The action kept coming throughout my stay and I caught on every day and night apart from my last but one night. I kept the bait going in every day when I reeled in, spreading around 12kg along the far bank when I went for a walk. I went through almost 70kg of feed during the six nights, finishing with fifteen fish to my name. The best of these weighed low-30s, with two of them above 30lb and only a couple of doubles. The rest were decent twenties.

It was a great trip and I can’t wait to get back on Weston again next year. The Boathouse is one of those venues which gets under your skin. It is stunning and by far the best UK venue to go with the other half whilst having some rods in the water at the same time.