Three carp for 120 lb

A SWITCH to smaller baits ended a 17 night blank spell in style for Tom Purdy with a trio of carp totalling over 120 lb.

The 25-year-old roofer from Plymouth, Devon baited with Nashbait’s Salted Mini Mix and Mega Pellet Mix at Emperor’s Syndicate Lake on the advice of venue boss and Nash ambassador Dave Lidstone. Tom immediately scored with two personal best 40s back to back in just a few hours.

“The favourite spots were all taken so I headed up away from the pressure in a swim called the Dead End,” explained Tom. “I had been fishing tight to the island during previous sessions so this time I baited with a kilo and a half of particle and pellet over each rod but maybe a rod length short of the island where the bottom of the shelf is, I’m sure carp are always finding boilies there that have rolled down to the bottom. As soon as it got dark I could hear big fish boshing over me and I was sure I was going to catch.”

A 3am alarm call saw Tom battling with a heavy fish, eventually netting his first 40-pounder in the shape of The Brute at 42 lb 10 oz, but even better was still to come.

“The Brute wiped all my rods out so I had to recast all three with fresh rigs because they had been dragged around a bit during the fight. They all got good drops so I was happy with them when they went back out and an hour later the same rod was away again, I couldn’t believe it.”

Beating his best again Tom netted a bigger mirror of 44 lb, one without a name, and then to round off a dream session added another of 38 lb 8 oz.

Successful hookbait was (of course) the deadly high attract Citruz pop ups, fished KD style on Combilink Silt hooklinks to size 6 Fang X hooks.

“I was shaking for hours afterwards,” Tom laughed. “It was the first trip of the new season on the syndicate so I’m hoping for a good year and maybe one of the really big commons would be nice. There are a few other fish in there I’d like to put my name on as well.”