The awesome Eric's Common for Crowy

Posted by Simon Crow
1645 days ago

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Carp Talk editor Simon Crow has continued his apparently unbeatable run of huge carp home and abroad on The Key®, notching up a second 80-pounder and new personal best with a staggering 86 lb 8 oz common.

Tackling the renowned Rainbow Lake in France, Simon slipped the net under the sought after Eric’s Common during a week long stint in Swim 5. It’s his second 80 lb-plus common on The Key®, following an 83 lb fish from Echo Pool, and comes on the heels of a fabulous UK winter campaign topped by a 31 lb Yorkshire common and an amazing haul topped by the giant mirror The 4x4 from Kevin’s own Church Lake at 56 lb-plus plus two 40s.

"The take came around 10am when my left hand rod just powered off. What followed was a proper comedy of errors as I managed to slip down the bank and get a soaking as I tried to get into the boat. I then somehow managed to get the line from my other rod caught around the reel of the rod I had in my hands and by the time I’d sorted it out the fish had run 30 yards into a snag,” said Simon from Brough, East Yorkshire.

“I thought I'd lost it until I lifted the snag up while still in the boat which did the trick. What I failed to notice was the weight of the snag pushed the boat under the water and it started to fill up! I dropped the snag down straight away by which time the fish had powered off to the other side of the channel I was fishing down, pulling me and the boat with it. It then found a sunken snag for a short while before I freed it and managed to get some control. I knew it was a really good fish but thought it was a mirror when I first caught sight of it.

“After finding yet another snag I decided I really had to give it some stick to get the upper hand. I leant into the rod and heaved when to my surprise a huge common popped up on the surface. I had to turn the boat engine on full power to thrust forwards with the net as there was too much ripple from the wind. I knew straight away which fish it was as I saw its damaged tail. I heaved it into the net and some fifteen minutes after launching I had Rainbow's biggest resident in the net! Just awesome!

“I then realised that luck had truly been on my side as the hooklink was tangled around the lead clip which caused the 12 oz lead to stay on the clip! My thanks to the owner Pascal for inviting me to fish his amazing lake and thanks to Rob Hales for sorting the trip. Thanks also to Lee Morris for the pictures and Paul Hudson for his invaluable info on swim five."

Simon tempted the giant common with a 20mm Key® bottom bait and a red topper snowman style, fishing over 3kg of Nashbait’s new particle and 2kg of boilies. Successful rig was a size 2 Fang X, 35 lb link, 12 oz lead and 55 lb mono leader with Bullet Braid main line.

Part of an eight fish haul, Simon, 44, added three other 40s the best being a 49 lb common.

Look out for a video blog on the trip very soon!