Penns Hall Hauling on Cultured Hookbaits!

SUB ZERO overnight temperatures and a lake that hadn’t produced a carp for a week didn’t stop Nash backed Paul Harris from notching up a bumper seven carp haul on an overnight trip.

Tackling Foster’s of Birmingham’s syndicate venue Penns Hall Paul topped his haul with a brace of 22-pounders, all coming on The Key® and Cultured® Hookbaits, action only slowing when he ran out of bait!

‘Penns isn’t classed as hard but it can be moody,’ said Paul, 38 from Birmingham. ‘And after having to scrape the windscreen before I left and no fish out the entire week before I wasn’t too hopeful.’

Casting across to a gap between overhanging trees at 60 yards Paul decided to feed The Key steadily, and found the carp responded instantly.

‘I fed little and often, a couple of handfuls every half an hour through the throwing stick using the wind to carry them across to the far margin and the bites came straight away,’ he said. ‘By the time I got to 10pm I’d already had six fish but had almost run out of boilies. I only had one more carp the following morning but if I’d had more bait I’m sure I would have kept on catching through the night. The bites just stopped as soon as I stopped putting the bait in.’

Paul has become a huge fan of the Cultured Hookbaits this year, finding they have changed his approach completely: ‘I’ve always been a pop up fan,’ he explained. ‘That’s the way I catch my carp and I’ve always been confident fishing that way but the Cultured baits have just done it for me this year. They are constantly the ones that are producing the fish even if I’ve got pop ups right next to them. I use them all the time now on both rods.’

Successful presentation was a Cultured Hookbait on a size 6 hook to 20 lb Silt Armourlink with a 1.5 oz lead on a clip with a Cling-On Leader.