Nash launch Terminal Tackle computer interfaces

NASH have announced the funding of hundreds of video screen interfaces for tackle shops in order to help customers make more informed choices when buying carp terminal tackle items.


In a market leading move, pre-programmed screens will be delivered in to retailers through the UK and Europe next month, allowing customers to scan bar codes on any item from the TT Terminal Tackle range and instantly view a video showing how and when to use it.

‘We’ve made a six figure investment that is to support both retailer and customers,’ explained operations director Alan Blair. ‘Technology is increasingly the way to help educate people and it’s a shame this is only available now in 2016, I would have loved to have had this level of information available to me when I started carp fishing.

‘Young or old we’re always learning but tackle shops can be difficult environments full of more experienced anglers and often people walk away and don’t ask a question rather than feel embarrassed or self conscious. With these screens you can scan any TT item and instantly see what a product is for and how to use it, from Quick Change Chod Beads to Bait Corers.’

The Nash video production team have spent 12 months trialling the system and filming supporting concise clips with minimal language, allowing the interface to be applicable across Europe and beyond irrespective of native language.

With increasing limitations on packaging space for instructional help due to European Union packaging regulations, the screens offer a valuable support tool to customer and retailer, particularly in the case of outlets that have limited personal experience of carp angling.

‘This is a really exciting project for us and our retailer network. For the first time in over 30 years’ trading, we are able to clearly explain all our terminal tackle products at the point of purchase, and even highlight which products work together for specific presentations,’ said Matt Downing, UK Sales Manager. ‘We are confident these screens will help carpers of all levels make informed buying choices and by doing so we can help people everywhere put extra carp on the bank this coming season.’