Last Gasp Church Chunks

TOP Nash consultants and match aces Jack Meyer and Lewis Swift get a taste of the sport waiting for the lucky carpers who win the exclusive sessions on Kevin's own Church and Copse Lakes.

After a successful year in our competitions we were offered the opportunity to fish The ’s Church Lake. Like many we have heard about it for years and never dreamed we would get to fish there ourselves. However sure enough we were both setting up our Titans on the banks of this special lake.

After a busy winter of work and weddings it was actually the first time Jack and I had been fishing in 2016 so we were both itching to get a bend in the rods. Unfortunately the weather wasn’t on our side and high pressure and a freezing easterly wind was going to make things testing.

We decided to fish on opposite sides of the lake to cover the greatest area of water possible and try to locate the fish as quickly as possible. Well the first day flew by and a thick mist coated the lake as darkness fell.

At 3.30am finally the first fish had made a mistake. My rod positioned in the margins was attached to a very angry carp. After a great fight I safely netted my prize and I kept her in the retainer sling until first light so we could get some good pictures. Jack came over and we carefully lifted the fish from the lake and were taken aback by one of the most incredible looking carp we’ve ever seen. To cap it off it was a new PB for myself at 38lb 9oz. That was why we came the The Church!!

The next day was a struggle and no fish were caught although that night around the same time I did manage to catch another low 20 from the same spot as the big girl came from the night before.

We awoke the next morning to see a few fish showing in the windward corner of the lake so we quickly set about positioning some maggot rigs on top of the weed. The rigs were finished with a PVA bag of crushed 4G Squid boilies with a few chops thrown over the top.

That day two fish fell for this tactic weighing 24lb 8oz and 35lb 1oz. I had to leave that evening but Jack decided to stay on for one more night. He was rewarded for his efforts with a lovely 34lb 1oz mirror which wrapped up an amazing weekend.

Five fish between us with three 30s and two 20s - whoever gets to fish this lake in the future will not be disappointed.

Thanks for this great opportunity and let's hope for another good year in our matches in 2016!

Jack and Lewis