Harris hauls at Grenville on The Key

‘THE best December sport I’ve ever known’ is how Paul Harris describes his continued success on The Key®, following a bumper session on Cambridgeshire’s Grenville Lake.

The 38-year-old from Birmingham has followed 22 carp in three nights from Penns Hall with a superb nine carp catch from the 72 acre big fish syndicate in two nights, topped by a brace of 30s including a belting 36 lb 3 oz mirror.

Fishing as a guest of a friend Spencer Powell, Paul opted for a peg that gave him access to deep water at shorter range: ‘Taking advice I varied the depth for all the rods, putting them at 16, 21 and 35 feet,’ he said. ‘I fed it hard because the venue sees a lot of bait and they seem to respond well to it.’

Paul’s favoured Cultured Hookbaits over the top of The Key on 20 lb Armourlink brought five bites the first night at 21 feet, with Spencer moving his hookbaits to the productive depth and also bagging a 20 and a 31-pounder. The second night produced another three bites for Paul, resulting in a scorecard of one single, two doubles, two 20s and two 30s.

Working hard to get the best from his time on the 72 acre big fish water Paul put 20 Spombs of bait out after each bite, despite huge winds topping 50 miles per hour that had him hanging on to his bivvy.

‘I felt like I’d been on a stag do,’ he laughed. ‘I was wrecked the following morning. But the more Key I put in the more bites I seem to get. We’ve been lucky with the weather but the combination of mild conditions and the bait means I’m expecting to go and catch fish every time. To catch 29 fish for 5 nights in December has blown me away. I know the weather had been on our side but the Cultured Hookbait and The Key combination is amazing.’