Gibson's Bars of Gold

TOP Nash specialist consultant and twice former barbel record holder Tony Gibson has bagged a giant crucian in a brilliant haul topped by a 4 lb 1 oz cracker.

Tackling Godalming AC’s renowned Johnson’s venue in Surrey the Northampton based 51-year-old used an innovative hookbait cocktail of snail section twinned with a trimmed down Mutant plastic bait to add other crucians of 3 lb 7 oz, 3 lb 6 oz and 3 lb 1 oz plus several tench to 6 lb 10 oz.

“The two previous trips I'd fished day sessions, moving swims to try and locate the better crucians. The first swim where I started on the Wednesday morning produced the 4-1 crucian on the first bite of the morning, followed by a 3-6 crucian and several tench later in the day, then other crucians of 3-7 and 3-3 crucians plus more tench the following day,” said Tony, who moulded Method mix around 1.5 oz flat pears on 8 lb Hardcore main line.

“While I was playing the big crucian I saw it roll on the surface close in and knew straight away that it would easily beat my previous PB of 3-6 caught from the same lake the previous year. When I had it on the mat I could see that it was very plump and even before the weigh in suspected that I might have broken the 4 lb barrier and therefore wasn't too surprised to see the needle settle a little way past the 4 lb 1 oz mark,” explained Tony who fished a two day, two night stint.

“Most anglers fishing the venue for the crucians had been using in-line method feeders and artificial casters, so I'd decided to be a little different in case the fish were starting to shy off the same baits and methods and fished my short stripped back Combilink hooklinks mini-helicopter style, with method mix squeezed around the lead and a small PVA bag of pellets nipped on the hook on each cast.”