Fruity Beauties

Posted by Steve Briggs
1414 days ago

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Fruity Beauties


I always put more emphasis on bait than anything else. I found out a long time ago that if you give the carp something they really want then anything is possible. That’s why I’m switching to the Citruz now the leaves are falling and the temperatures are dropping.

It’s that time of year again when bait choice for the next few months becomes an issue for many. I’m not into changing baits but there’s no question some are better suited to cold water than others. From late March up until now I’ve had a great year using The Key and 4G Squid and although they both work right through the year I’ve decided this winter Citruz is the one for me. I’ve been using the Citruz pop ups for a long time now and when it comes to the single bait approach they’ve performed brilliantly. Any time I need a pop up now it’s the Citruz pot that I turn to first. But with Citruz bottom baits coming on the scene all my winter bait requirements are now sorted.

I’m a bit ‘old skool’ when it comes to my pop up fishing and if the bottom is fairly clear where then I go for the Hinged Stiff Rig every time, it’s a rig that has stood the test of time in terms of putting fish on the bank and is incredibly tangle-free so it adds that important confidence element too. My 20 lb Chod Link boom section is generally 15 to 20cm long, with the hook section around 5cm. A size 7 Chod Twister is then tied D-Rig style with the pop up tied to a small rig ring – simple but effective! If you’re looking for a versatile rig to use with the Citruz pop ups (or any pop ups for that matter) then give it a try.

I’ve been out a couple of times since getting my hands on the Citruz bottom baits. The first time was on a new water for me up in Cambridge. I had no idea how the lake normally fished so I started with three hinge-rigged pop ups out at varying distances with a sprinkling of the new two colour Citruz freebies around the general area. Although the lake had been a bit out of sorts by all accounts I did manage a nice ghostie of mid 20s to send me home with a smile on my face.

Waters not fishing too well seems to be a constant theme of late and my next trip out was to a Kent lake where four anglers had fished the week before – and all blanked! It was never going to be easy and sure enough even though fish were showing over the spots the first night brought no action. The next night I decided to fish one rod in my favourite way, placing it at close range, and baiting up by hand. Up to my right was a thick reedbed and I was able to lower the bait just over the reeds from the rod tip a couple of feet from the bank and scatter a few freebies around it. The difference this time was that I used two of the new 15mm bottom baits with a coated Combilink hook link. The idea was that the presentation would be as good as it possibly could be and the line running alongside the reeds would be well hidden from the very wary fish. Well, to cut a long story short the plan worked perfectly and in the early morning a screaming take saw me doing battle with a lovely 29lb mirror!

So two different waters and two different situations but the common theme was that the Citruz got me a result both times. Neither session was easy and I still had to work at it but they wanted to eat the bait and that was their downfall. The number of times the Citruz rod is the one that produces, it’s no wonder it’s my choice this autumn and winter. With all the rods on it I’m hoping I’ll be catching plenty.