Deep Thinking in Poland

Posted by Steve Briggs
1162 days ago

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I’ve fished a few Polish waters in recent years but Miloszewskie Lake situated right in the north near Gdansk may well be the furthest north I’ve ever fished for carp. It was so far north that the nights only lasted three or four hours!

Extreme temperatures of 34 degrees Centigrade at the start meant that things weren’t going to be easy to begin with but storms forecast they would hopefully stir the carp into activity later in the week. The lake is about 60 to 70 acres with depths down to 85 feet so bait placement was going to be one of the important factors. On the bait front I had a few choices but my main faith was put in The Key Stabilised, I knew that the fish wouldn’t have seen it before but it’s been an instant bait on most waters where I’ve used it previously and I always believe quality comes out on top.

It was a slow start but after the storms had passed through and the weekend anglers had gone home the lake had a different feel. I managed two nice mirrors of 26lb and 31lb in those first days but I knew that I needed to move to really get on the fish. Most swims were pre-booked but one was free for the remaining days and I took my chance and moved there.

Out in front I had two options, a bar running out from a reed bed, which looked the obvious area and right of that I had deeper water of 25 to 28ft – I’d try both and see what happened! That night and morning produced five carp three from the bar and two from deeper water, but interestingly the two best fish were the ones from the deeper spot on Key Stabilised. The following night produced a similar result with four carp being banked, two from the bar and two from the deeper water but again the two from the deep were the biggest. I was baiting more heavily and more precisely on the bar, whereas in the deep water I was just spreading boilies over a wider area. I don’t think that made a difference in the size of the fish, I think it was just a case that the smaller ones preferred the shallower spot.

I caught six more fish during the last night and I was exhausted by the end of it with virtually no sleep but it had been a great few days. It shows just how important it is to get on the fish, the two swims I’d fished weren’t that far apart but in the second swim I’d caught 16 fish in three nights.

Of course the Key proved its worth once again but special mention to the size 4 Fang Uni as well, which nailed every fish perfectly. The old values applied once again – find the fish, use good bait and good gear and the carp will do the rest!