Colourful Rainbow trip on TG Active

Posted by Steve Briggs
45913 days ago

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It’s no secret by now that there are big changes ahead for Nashbait, with some amazing development coming to fruition in the New Year and a new range that promises to move bait performance a step ahead again.

Of course changing baits doesn’t always come easy when you’ve been comfortable with the old ones, and I’d hate to think how many carp many of the Nashbait recipes have caught for how many people and for how long. But part of my job is to get out there and test things and I’d yet to use the TG Active.

It’s a spicy, really rich and full smelling bait, with an incredibly complex attractor package, some elements of which are pre-blended and time aged to get them working more effectively together. With two weeks at Rainbow Lake lined up I just fancied that the TG might be a really good bait for that venue.


Scopes in Swim 2


I was in Swim 2 for the session, which is mainly an open water swim with quite deep water and even the bars are deeper down than in other areas of the famous venue. All swims are different on Rainbow but even for open water spots I use bottle rigs to keep the line up off the bottom and away from any roots and snags. It was also a chance to use the Scope rods again, the plan was to jump in the boat in the event of a run and just follow the fish out in to the lake where the shorter 9 ft rod is so much better in the confines of the boat. So many people use them for this and find they are infinitely easier.

I already had it in my head that I was going to use quite a bit of bait, mainly the TG Active but along with Coconut Crème and hemp and my hopes were boosted straight away when carp could be seen jumping as soon as I stepped in to the swim! Hopefully a good helping of bait would keep the fish in the area, so that first day I put around 4 kg of boilies and 2 kg of hemp around each rod. All the rods were in depths between 14 and 16 feet. It might seem a lot of bait to use - especially a bait I’d not used before but in my mind I knew it would work. Early the next morning I was into my first fish, a common of 49 lb 8 oz, a great confidence booster.

Keeping the bream away


It was just the start of what was to be a very steady session. One 15 foot plateau was the main action area to start with but by the time three or four days had passed I’d got all four rods working and the action was coming every day. Two very interesting points arose. Firstly, it was quite clear that the bait was holding the fish as they didn’t move all the time I was there and secondly there was no sign of the bream that some other guys were catching. I could see bream showing but they weren’t picking up the baits – how nice is that!

As always i was hoping that one of the real monsters was out there somewhere, but it’s often the case that if a lot of fish are out there then the real big ones will stay out of the way. I did catch mirrors and commons over 50 lb up to a best of 57 lb 8 oz and I don’t know how many 40 lb fish I caught but there were lots of them! As the old saying goes “you can only catch what’s in front of you” and I was certainly managing that with decent fish every single day.

I’d thought at the start that the TG Active would be a winner and so it proved to be so I’ll certainly be taking that with me on more trips in the future. It’s going to seem strange to a lot of people, myself included, not seeing Monster Squid and Scopex Squid in the range anymore - but my results tell me the new baits are set to take over where they left off!