Citruz causes trouble at The Mill!

NASH consultants Matt Rhodes and Chris Eaglestone have continued their great winter form, each scoring at historic Cuttle Mill in Tamworth with upper 20 commons in multiple fish hauls.

“I always fish on my birthday,” said Matt who turned 32. “Normally it’s a case of breaking ice but with the weather so mild everywhere looked good for a few bites. I invited a few of the lads up so we could have a social at Cuttle Mill, it’s a great winter venue and someone, somewhere always has a great chance of getting amongst some carp.”

Spotting carp in front of peg seven Matt needed no further invitation and knowing the spots, plastic corn baited rigs were quickly in position with a good helping of TG Active freebies over the top.

“The liners began after a while and then along came the swans and wiped me out,” said Matt. “I replaced the rods, moved the swans and scattered another kilo of TG around the area. As the light started to fade the R3 sounded. I was sure it was a bream on the other end but instead a long, Redmire strain common of 27 lb. Wow! A birthday lump in the slammer and I was over the moon.”

The following morning Matt was back in action with a double take, sadly losing one fish but landing the second, a stunning double figure mirror with apple slice scales before adding a third smaller carp mid-afternoon. All the bites came on yellow corn on a size 5 Twister to 20lb Combilink, Matt adding a small mesh bag of TG Active stick mix every cast.

With some of his mates unable to make the social Matt repeated the exercise the following week, this time allowing Chris Eaglestone from Sidcup, South East London to tackle the historic ticket water for the first time.

“It was a fair old trek for me but I thought it would be rude not to,” Chris laughed. “I came out first in the draw so I chose peg 16 by the house, we’d seen a few fish there and I knew it was one of the flier pegs.”

Despite staying busy with the rods Chris had to wait until just on dark for his first bite, using 15mm white Citruz pop ups on choddies, also scattering 15mm TG Active around the swim - the same winning formula as Matt.

“The first fish was a 28 lb 6 oz common which was amazing, then I had others of 22 lb and 20 lb, one during the night and one the following morning,” he said. “It’s full of character and you have to work for your bites, they seemed to come out of the blue and I said to Matt I was sure I must have been turned over the first day, there were lots of people fishing but not many catching.”

With Burghfield, Farlows and now Cuttle Mill all producing the goods for Matt his winter has been a lesson in common sense: “I haven't done a lot of fishing this winter but it’s been one of my most enjoyable. I kept it simple fishing waters with good winter form stuck to social sessions and kept it as light hearted and as fun as possible and had some great results.”