Big Pike hit for Garner

Posted by Paul Garner
930 days ago

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One angler who seems to spend more time on the bank in the depths of winter than during the summer is Paul Garner, and with fish like this to show for his efforts you can understand why Paul is still out there 'doing it'. Paul's latest significant capture came towards the end of a gruelling day at West Country pike mecca Chew valley Lake, when icy conditions and driving rain suddenly cleared, spurring the lakes larger pike to feed. 

 "It had already been a hectic morning with numerous small fish falling for my deadbaits, but the larger pike had been absent. We noticed that a lot of boats were keeping out of the wind and rain, but we stayed in the area that was getting the brunt of the weather, but which has previous February form. I was glad of my Zero Tolerance clothing. There is no where to escape from the weather when boat fishing and so only the best will do."

"Early afternoon and the weather changed, which spurred on the bigger fish. First I had a slow deliberate run on a float-fished smelt which I could tell from the head shakes was a big fish right from the start. My mate Andy Black made no mistakes with the net and we were soon looking down on this peachy 31lb 8oz lady. Andy then followed up with a 23-pounder and I chipped in with some upper doubles. All in all it was a great day, despite the conditions."

Paul used his Nash Scope 10' 3.5lb rods that he finds ideal for all his pike fishing, along with freespool reels loaded with 18lb Nash Bullet line.