50 plus common for the cameras!

Posted by Simon Crow
1523 days ago

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TOP Nash consultant Simon Crow has added another Key caught giant to his unstoppable season's tally - a pristine 50 lb common for the Nash cameras.

The 44-year-old from Brough, East Yorkshire served up one of the most elusive of the A Team in the Church Lake whilst filming for the Nash 2016 DVD - focussing on his incredible successes with the biggest carp home and abroad since switching to The Key.

Simon takes up the story: "I was invited down to Church Lake for a three-night session to do some filming for the 2016 Nash DVD. It was intended as a piece to camera about the incredible year I’ve had, rather than an ‘in session’ piece about how I fish. I knew the lake was fishing well and it had switched on as there’d been four lads from Eric’s Angling down most of the week. They’d had a right session, catching nine fish between them. Conditions were absolutely prime too, with a low-pressure front and drizzly rain forecast: just how I like it in September.

I opted to fish on what is called the Pylon bank as it gave me good access to two great features on the lake. These are a thick weed bed in Pylon Corner and a thick band of reeds down the Lodge Bank. I was all set up for about 4pm on the Tuesday and was surprised to be into a fish almost straight away, a lovely 27lb fully scaled mirror. Over the next 24 hours the lake fished its head off, producing five more fish to me before Wednesday midday, the best being a cracking 28lb-plus heavily scaled mirror.

As is normal on Church, the fishing then switched right off with not much showing and all my spots going quiet during the Wednesday afternoon and evening. It was a really wet night with driving rain constantly. It didn’t stop until the Thursday morning when at sunlight I woke to a fabulous morning. All of my action had come to the left-side rods down the reeds and I’d not had a take from the right side amongst the weed. I then saw a fish show in the margins at the back of the weed so put a bait right on the money. I was using 20mm Key which I’ve had such a great run of success with this year, baiting the spot with a scattering of 20 or so freebies nearby.

The sun was really warm for so early in the morning and it was beating down onto the margin where the fish showed. I then saw another fish pop its head out right over where I’d cast, and almost straight away, that rod was away with a very powerful fish on the end! It just went and went and I couldn’t do anything with it. It must have taken a good 40 yards of line off me on its first run. I could feel the line grating around the weed so had no option but to get in the boat and go after it.

It powered off and was pulling me and the boat towards the far end of the lake where eventually it stopped and went back the other way. I knew it was a good fish just by the take and for the next twenty minutes I battled with it amongst heavy weed. In and out it went. I couldn’t seem to shift it off the bottom. Eventually I gained the upper hand and it came spiralling up in the water.

It looked huge as it did so and I knew I’d got one of the A-Team on the end. I thought it was a mirror at first as there was a good ripple on the surface which made it hard to see beneath. Then a huge common hit the surface and I knew straight away which fish it was. It’s one of the shyest fish in the lake, making only one or two appearances a year. I scooped it up with the net at the first attempt and made my way to shore to get it weighed and photographed.

We weighed it a couple of times and the needle kept bouncing around the 51lb mark. I wasn’t really fussed what it weighed to be honest, just to catch it was enough for me. I settled on 50lb 10oz in the end and it certainly made a great piece to my slot on the DVD. Without it I’d already had an amazing season, but to finish with such a stunning fish is the stuff of dreams. What an incredible looking carp!

I finished the 68-hour session with nine carp and two losses. This included two 30s to 36lb 12oz, the biggie, with the rest being 20s to 28lb-plus."