48 lb Wood carving common on 4G Squid!

FOUR seasons after beginning a campaign for a giant common, Chris Elden has slid the net under an amazing personal best wood carving carp of 48 lb 2 oz on 4G Squid.


The culmination of a superb run of giants on the new Nashbait squid formula this summer, Chris, 28 from East Harling, Norfolk, bagged the awesome common at Catch 22’s Syndicate Lake on an overnighter, reward for a gruelling run of short trips with a 5am pack up time in order to get to work.

Following recent captures of the difficult 40 lb common Tatty Fin (twice!) plus a 34 lb 6 oz common on the tricky 4.5 acre venue, plus a fully scaled of 36 lb 1 oz, a change of tactics finally brought Chris his target carp, the Big Common.

“I opted to fish a deep section of water due to the angling pressure as of late, thinking that the residents would be held up here,” said wind turbine technician Chris who fished 2 rods to a harder spot amongst silt 40 yards range, and his third rod in front of a plateau 70 yards out. "My sixth sense told me to try something different with the baiting approach on the longer spot and I dusted off the spod and put out 2 kg of 4G Squid in a tight area, something that is very rarely done on the venue and I figured that it might throw up a chunk for me.

“Liners began at midnight, continuing every half hour or so until dawn and at 4.30am the rod over the bait was away,” Chris recounted. “The clutch ticked away steadily in the background giving me just enough time to wake up and strike. The fish came up to the surface straight away and continued to thrash around with his head sticking out of the water. As he neared the margin he shot down deep into the marginal roots and a few nerve wrenching moments later he was on top gulping air ready for netting. I couldn’t believe my eyes, it’s an absolutely immense creature.

“I laid him on the mat and couldn’t stop staring at him. As I put him on the scales the needle swung round to a new PB of 48 lb 2 oz, a surreal moment. I can’t put into words the feeling of elation I had that morning, a special memory shared with friends and one I will remember forever. I’d like to thank Jerry the bailiff for constantly letting me out the gates early and making it possible to have put in the midweek overnighters.”

A Nashbait tester, Chris chose 4G Squid following success in recent seasons on Scopex Squid Red: “I’ve been using the red for three seasons previously, and when I knew it was going to be unavailable I was a bit worried to be honest, but from my results 4G Squid is even better.”

Results show exactly the same trend with the new 4G as Gary Bayes has always maintained with the Scopex Squid and its derivatives – a higher average size of fish.

“My last 12 fish have been 30s and I’ve only had one 20,” Chris revealed, who has been using 1-2 kg each night, fishing two overnighters per week. “That’s from a venue with 65 carp and around half of them 30s, the other half 20s. It definitely picks up the bigger fish. Hook holds on the Twisters have been absolutely brilliant, an inch or two back, and I had one hooked in the top lip - how often do you see that?” laughed Chris who has yet to lose a single hooked carp this season on the venue.

Successful presentation was a snowman rig with a 15mm bottom bait and 10mm 4G Squid Airball on a size 6 Twister to a flat pear lead with a small PVA bag of crushed and whole 15mm 4G Squid boilies.