Tying a blowback Pellet PVA Bag Rig


Looking for a more effective PVA bag rig this summer? Don't suffer having your bags cleaned out time and time again - follow the step by step guide to the fast turning Blowback Boilie Pellet Rig.

Carp feeding on small food items can be difficult to hook. The new critically balanced Boilie Pellet hookbaits are sucked in as readily as tiny pellet free offerings, with the fast turning hook mechanics of the Fang Twister with a Hook Kicker helping nail even difficult carp. Here's how to tie this summer's winning bag rig.

Component list:

Fang Twister hooks – size 6 for 15 x 20mm Boilie Pellets, size 8 for 12 x 15mm baits
15 lb Armourlink
2.5mm metal rig ring
Hook Kicker
Lip close needle
Hair stops


1. Tie a small overhand loop in the end of the Armourlink hooklink to create the hair.

2. Thread the Boilie Pellet hookbait lengthways down the Armourlink. A lip close Captive needle prevents the bait splitting. Secure the bait with a hair stop or pellet stop.

3. Slide a 2.5mm metal rig ring down the hooklink.

4. Use a granny knot to secure the rig ring in place on the braid around 15mm from the base of the Boilie Pellet. You can adjust the distance from ring to bait for longer or shorter hairs.

5. Pass the Armourlink down through the eye of a size 6 Fang Twister and slide the hook down the link and pass the point through the rig ring.

6. Whip a knotless knot and pull the tag end back down through the eye of the hook, trapping the metal rig ring at the shoulder of the hook.

7. Take a Hook Kicker and trim at the centre rib.

8. Thread the Kicker down the link and over the eye of the hook to create a line aligner effect for fast turning of the finished rig.

9. The Boilie Pellet blowback rig is best fished short, at 6-8 inches (15-20cm) for more effective hooking. Finish the link with a figure of eight loop knot to allow cobweb bags and sticks to be threaded down the link and hooklinks to be changed instantly using TT Link Clips