Tying a balanced tiger nut rig

LOOKING for the perfect presentation over the new Nashbait particles? Tiger nuts make a great hookbait over spod mix and carpets of particles.

If you're feeding particle, that's what the carp are eating and presenting tigers on the hair over the Salted Mega and Mini Mix, the Slicker Hemp or Slicker Spiced Hemp or a spod mix that includes the Tiger Nut Slush is absolutely deadly - often bringing much more action than fishing a boilie.

Here's how to create the perfect slow sinking tiger nut rig:

1. Select two nuts from a bag of Mixed Candy Tigers, and push the 7mm Bait Corer two thirds of the way through a nut.

2. Remove the plug of tiger nut from the Corer, leaving a neat cylindrical recess in the bait.

3. Push a stick of 7mm Hookbait Balancing Foam into the bait. Trim it off flush with the surface of the nut.

4. Thread the two tigers on to the hair with the drilled out tiger threaded on the needle first, so it sits at the top of the hair.

5. Insert a hair stop into the loop and position it on top of the foam plug in the nut.

6. Thread the link material down through the eye of a size 7 Fang X and whip two turns knotless knot style to trap the hair in position.

7. Whip a further four turns under the hair before passing the link back down through the eye to produce a KD style presentation.

8. The finished rig – slow sinking and with aggressive hooking mechanics it’s perfect over Salted Mini and Mega Mixes or as an alternative hookbait over spod mix with hemp and pellets.