Tie a Cultured Hookbait Rig

How to use Cultured® Hookbaits


The result of a development period going back to the early 1980s, Cultured Hookbaits are unique because they give off food signals that mimic those of the natural food carp would seek out and eat, allowing us to catch carp that would otherwise be preoccupied on natural organisms in their habitat.

In essence the Culture ‘skin’ surrounds a balanced core Key® hookbait, on which a special product solely available from Nash is slowly and repeatedly layered. This is the living heart of the bait and one which creates the catalyst to turn the Culture skin into an active and more importantly living food source. It is very special and one which carp find very difficult to ignore!

An interesting pattern soon emerged with Cultured Hookbaits - bites could come very quickly, but it was very apparent that these baits were catching the very biggest carp and more importantly many carp that hadn’t been caught for long periods of time. Cultured Baits are recognized and accepted as a natural food source, and this it seems is why they produce carp all year round, and at times when other baits seems to be almost or totally ignored.


STEP 1 Strip back around 12cm of outer coating from the Combilink material using the coated braid stripper.

STEP 2 Tie an overhand loop for the hair stop in the end of the exposed braid.

STEP 3 Using the tips of your rig scissors remove a 2-3mm section of the Culture ‘skin’ on a 20mm bait to expose the inner core bait.

STEP 4 Drill slowly through the centre of the core bait, before pushing a needle through the hole you have created.

STEP 5 Insert the stop in the loop and pull it down tight to the core bait before moulding the removed Culture skin back over the hair stop.

STEP 6 Thread a 2mm section of Rig Silicone up the Combilink and pass the point of a size 6 Fang X through the tube towards the Cultured Hookbait. For a 15mm Cultured bait use a size 8 Fang X.

STEP 7 Position the tube at the top of the shank, leaving 10mm clearance between bait and hook. Whip a four turn knotless knot to secure the hook.

STEP 8 Take a Diffusion Camo Hook Kicker and trim just past the middle rib before threading down the link.

STEP 9 Push the Hook Kicker up over the eye to trap it in position with the end directly in line with the point.

STEP 10 Mould a large lump of Cling-On Tungsten Putty where the Combilink coating meets the exposed braid. This helps turn the hook quickly when the bait is picked up.

STEP 11 A figure of eight loop knot at the other end improves rig movement and allows Cultured Hookbait rigs to be replaced quickly using Link Clips.