How to use the Quick Change Chod Bead

Step 1 The Quick Change Chod Bead allows fresh chod rigs and other hooklinks to be replaced on helicopter end tackles in seconds without having to retie leaders or fresh knots.

Step 2 Slide the Chod Bead down a Cling-On leader or for naked end tackles down the main line. Because they spread pressure and prevent an acute angle of pull on the main line a Quick Change Chod Bead is a superior and safer solution for naked chods as well as using leaders.

Step 3 With finger and thumb pressure remove the top gripping large bore bead from the Chod Bead. For the rig to work safely this removable bead must always be furthest away from the lead.

Step 4 Slide the coil off the Chod Bead, and locate the chod rig or hooklink swivel over the end of the metal retaining coil. Rotate the swivel to thread it on to the coil.

Step 5 Keep rotating the swivel until it locates in the enlarged loop of the metal coil. This ensures your chod rig swivel has complete free movement for maximum hooking efficiency.

Step 6 Push the enlarged top rubber bead back down over the body of the Chod Bead to trap the metal retaining coil in position.

Step 7 Used with the TT Chod/Heli Kit the Quick Change Chod Bead slides down the line when playing a carp, the buffer boom providing a shock absorber against hook pulls.